Steven H. Blackwell

FileMaker Pro Development and Consulting

FileMaker Pro Security Consultation

FileMaker Server Configuration and Deployment Consultation

Platinum Member Emeritus, FileMaker Business Alliance (2011- )

Platinum Member, FileMaker Business Alliance (2007-2011)

Partner Member, FileMaker Solutions Alliance (1998-2007)

Partner Member, Claris Solutions Alliance (1997)

Two time winner, FileMaker Excellence Award

FileMaker Workplace Innovation Platform

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About Management Counseling Services

I design and develop FileMaker Pro database systems intended to help enterprise work groups, trade and professional associations, and small businesses manage and use their key business information. I also provide consultation about correct, safe, and optimal configuration and deployment of these databases in conjunction with FileMaker Server across both local and wide-area networks and the Internet. Additionally, I provide security audits and security remediation for FileMaker Pro files, both standalone and hosted.

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